19/11/2013 10:37, Report by S Bartram, T Bugby

Top stops: Gregg

As part of 'Goalkeeper Week' on ManUtd.com, we bring you some of United's finest ever saves - continuing with Harry Gregg versus Jimmy Hill in the 1958 FA Cup semi-final...

“I have a stack of photographs at home of me making saves,” admits club legend Harry Gregg, who was the world’s most expensive goalkeeper when he joined the Reds in 1957. 

“I always regarded myself as being lucky to get in the way of them. A save is a reflex action and I regarded it simply as doing my job and they were nothing special at the time.”

There is one, however, which stands out above all others. “It was in the semi-final of the FA Cup immediately after the Munich air disaster against Fulham,” says Gregg. “It was a shot from Jimmy Hill, and the picture is of one big Irish clown flying through the air and turning it around the post. That one was pleasing to the eye and good for the cameraman!”

Gregg’s heroics proved vital in a patched-up United side securing a 2-2 draw at Villa Park, ahead of a 5-3 replay win at Highbury.

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