05/10/2013 20:38, Report by B Hibbs & N Coppack
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Five great De Gea saves

Madrid. In that situation, Torres could have gone either way - back across him to the far post or, as he has done, to the near post - so he has to wait long enough until he makes contact and sees where it's heading. You'd expect him to go to the back post here but he's gone towards the near post and David's clawed it out with a strong hand."

Rueful Ruiz
v Fulham, Craven Cottage
BA: "At the time I didn't think he got a touch on this. I was on the bench and thought the ball hit the post. But when you watch it again you realise what a good save it was."

Leggy at the lane
v Tottenham, White Hart Lane
BA: "He's started to go one way and then he's been quick enough to react and thrust out his leg and his arm - I don't actually know what part of the body he's saved that with - and turn it around the post. Again, though, he'd have been in similar situations in training plenty of times and in matches it comes down to instinct. I know Tottenham ended up getting a late equaliser but at that stage of the game it was a massively important save."

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