15/10/2013 09:35, Report by Adam Marshall
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Robson pitches in

In an exclusive interview ahead of his Kilimanjaro Challenge, Bryan Robson reflected on the day he signed for Manchester United, in front of the fans on matchday...

It was definitely the chairman, Martin Edwards, who came up with the idea for me to sign for Manchester United on the pitch.

I was a little embarrassed about it and asked: 'Can we not do it a bit quieter and let me just sign the contract and watch the match?' But the chairman had it in his mind that he wanted me and Ron Atkinson to go onto the pitch and sign in front of the fans.

I think it was meant to give the fans a bit of a boost. My transfer fee was one-and-a-half-million pounds and the club wanted to publicise it and show the fans we were making a real go of it.

If you notice the gold pen in the photo - that was obviously Ron's! As for my permed hair, that was all the craze in those days. Some of the Liverpool players got me into it, like Graeme Souness and Terry McDermott. I used to go for a pint with Terry Mac now and again so I had a bit of influence from them.

I'll always remember the media on the day of the match were all going on about Bryan Robson signing for United and how it would lead to Sammy McIlroy leaving the club. We played Wolves that day and I sat in the stand and watched as we won

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