10/09/2013 15:46, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Reds recall Best debut

Tony Dunne
The dependable full-back slotted in behind Best against West Brom…
“George was very slim and lightweight, whereas Graham Williams was as tough as they come, but George was not intimidated by him. It was difficult for George, as Williams tackled hard, but he didn’t let it affect him. I was blessed George played in front of me for much of my career. He was the greatest player I ever played alongside and I was the lucky one to have him as a team-mate. It was the greatest moment of my footballing life to play in the same side as George. When I joined United, I dreamed of how good a player I might become. After seeing George, though, he quickly took that dream away.”

Phil Chisnall
United’s inside-left remembers a ‘greyhound’ skipping past his opponents…
“George played without fear, which was exceptional for somebody of his age often appearing in front of a 65,000 crowd. He would only be 17 years of age, but he would beat two or three opponents as though they weren’t there… If you were good enough, though, Matt Busby would put you into the team – I was only 19 when I got my chance. The only worry about George was that he was slight. He was like a greyhound, but strong for a little lad. He was like Lionel Messi, who – despite also being small – can handle the physical side of the game.”

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