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Best: What they said

Here are a selection of quotes from George Best's manager, team-mates and opponents, on the man himself and the impact he made in his career...

“I think I’ve found you a genius.” The telegram sent to Sir Matt Busby by scout Bob Bishop, who discovered 15-year-old George Best playing for Cregagh Boys Club in Belfast.

“George was gifted with more individual ability that I had ever seen in a player. When you remember great names like Matthews and Finney, I can’t think of one who took the ball so close to an opponent to beat him with it as Best did.”
Sir Matt Busby

“Manchester United’s glorious history has been created by people like George Best. Anyone that witnessed what George could do on the pitch wished they could do the same. He made an immense contribution to the game, and enriched he lives of everyone that saw him play.”
Sir Bobby Charlton

“You think of Maradona, and you think of di Stefano and Puskas in my day. There have been many great players but Bestie as definitely up there. He will be remembered for all the magnificent ability that he had and he was definitely one on his own.”
Denis Law

“George was unique, the greatest talent our football has ever produced, easily. Look at his scoring record – 137 in 361 league games, and a total of 179 in 466 United matches. That’s phenomenal for a man who didn’t

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