12/09/2013 16:10, Report by James Tuck
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Best: What they said

strikers. George nearly always had to beat men to score.”
Sir Alex Ferguson

“George inspired me when I was young.  He was flamboyant and exciting – I think we were very similar players – dribblers who create moments of magic.”
Diego Maradona

“George Best was the best player in the world, not just England, and a good friend of mine. When he played against Benfica in 1966 in Lisbon… we lost 5-1 and George was spectacular, a genius.”

“What he had was unique. You can’t coach it… it was a short career but if you go back to the basic qualities, he was exceptional.”
Johan Cruyff

“George Best was simply one of the most talented players of all-time.”
Franz Beckenbauer

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