10/09/2013 13:10
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Opposition view

“After about 20 minutes, George came over to my side after Graham [Williams] had chipped him into the crowd! He didn’t just stay on the left wing after that, he wandered about a bit. We had a good contest and I thought I did okay – he didn’t make headlines, so I must have kept him reasonably quiet. However, he was such a tricky player, sharp, good acceleration. He loved to take you on, beat you with his close control, the ball was glued to him. He would do the unusual, things nobody expected, he had a great imagination.

“It was a more physical game then and I think his greatest asset was bravery, he had real courage. He took such a battering from defenders, but he would never give up – he kept coming back at you. If you got the ball off him, he’d be straight back at you, trying to get it back, and then he’d be taking you on again.”

Williams and Crawford were speaking to Inside United for a special George Best tribute edition of the magazine, which goes on sale Wednesday September 11.

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