11/09/2013 15:25, Report by Tony Bugby
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My career highlights

The most goals I scored in one season was 28, when I finished top scorer in the First Division."

Personal awards
"The one that probably means more to me than any other was being named European Footballer of the Year in 1968 because in those days there were so many great players around. Even all these years later I am still winning trophies and awards, over 30 years since I stopped playing, which is nice."

Toughest opponents
"Every team had one kicker you had to watch. We had Nobby Stiles, the type of player you had to have on your side. Nobody liked playing Leeds because they could all dish it out and their right-back Paul Reaney was probably the best defender I ever faced."

Special moment
"The biggest game I played in was the European Cup final and what made it even more special was that it came 10 years after the Munich disaster. We had not only come back from that tragedy but won the biggest club competition."

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