09/04/2014 07:54, Report by James Tuck
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Macari: Containing job

Ousting reigning champions Bayern Munich would be "our greatest-ever achievement in European football", a bold claim from former United star Lou Macari

How should United approach the game? The fact that we conceded an away goal at Old Trafford has made things a little bit more awkward. At some stage in the 90 minutes tonight, we have to score a goal. But I think it would be foolish to open up and try to outplay them, because everything is in their favour. They're on their home ground and they'll have the most support. I thought our approach at home was right: to sit back and contain them. And I thought Bayern were a little bit cocky on the night, approaching it as if they expected to win. But they didn’t, our lads did fantastically well and now we have a realistic chance of pulling off a shock. It was a containing job at Old Trafford and I think it’ll be along similar lines this evening, though it will be difficult. Bayern Munich are a top team and, considering our season so far, I believe that winning would be our greatest-ever achievement in European football.

How do we stop Bayern? Do the same as we did at Old Trafford: by playing well defensively. I said before the first leg that the key to us getting a result was how our defence was going to cope, and on the night they did exceptionally well. I’m in no doubt that the same has to happen again. In fact, the defence has to play even better because there will be more opportunities for the German side – they didn’t really show what they were made of in the first leg and they’ll go forward with real intent this time. I thought they played a lot of football at Old Trafford that didn’t really hurt us. But they’ve realised they’ve got to get a goal or two now, so it’s

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