09/04/2014 07:52, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Thomas: Keep the ball

Ex-Reds midfielder Mickey Thomas says allow Bayern too much possession and "you're living on a knife-edge", so he says efficiency with the ball is key...

How should United approach the game? The approach will be a lot more confident after the first leg, where some people were expecting us to get beat. We put on a great performance over 90 minutes and played like a solid unit. We got the goal and could have had a couple, actually. But we look like we've hit a bit of form at the right time. I think David Moyes will be feeling more confident now – I'm feeling more confident! It's come down to 90 minutes of football and we have to go out and believe we can get an important goal – or two –  and win the game.

With Bayern and the quality they possess, especially in wide areas with Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, if they get on the ball too much then we'll be under extreme pressure. Defensively we're going to have to be strong. We have to be at our very best. But equally we're not going to want to defend for 90 minutes. I think we'll be cautious, but we also have to be on the look-out for that all-important goal. It's going to be tough. Bayern are at home and they have a great record there. They have a few players out but they're a very powerful unit.

How do we stop Bayern? The key area is that defensive unit and the protection they get from the deep-lying midfielders in front of them. Another area we have to nullify is the supply to the wide positions where Robben and Ribery provide so much danger. They're also a bit like Barcelona in their possession of the ball. Philipp Lahm plays in that little pocket in midfield and everything goes through him. So, how do we stop them? We could be here all day! To be brutally honest, they have powerful, technical players all over the pitch. So we have to be right on our game, everywhere.

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