06/04/2014 10:54, Report by Adam Marshall
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Team of '94: Paul Ince

We continue our feature on United's first Double winners, the 1993/1994 team, by focusing on Paul Ince...

Overall contribution It could be argued this was Ince's best-ever season and he was certainly one of the leading lights throughout the campaign. The introduction of Roy Keane alongside him allowed the Londoner to tear forward and he often popped up in the opposing box to grab vital goals. An all-round midfielder at his box-to-box best, his value to this great side should never be overlooked.

Best performance There were a string of top-class showings from Ince but his Boxing Day heroics against Blackburn Rovers were impossible to ignore. Refusing to accept defeat and soldiering on with a knee injury, he netted in injury time from close range to preserve a 14-month unbeaten home record and claim the last word after a running battle with David Batty. 

Key moment The equaliser against Rovers may have been more important but nothing could be sweeter than his leveller three minutes from time at West Ham. The supporters of his former club gave Ince terrible abuse but he admirably maintained his dignity after beating Ludek Miklosko to earn a point to silence his detractors.

What he said "To me, if you win the midfield battle, you win the game. And, with Keaney alongside me, I always reckon we've got a chance. He's been a great help to me. With him being only 22 and me 26, I feel confident we can dominate football for five or six years."

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