16/08/2014 15:08, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Q&A: Louis van Gaal press briefing

Louis van Gaal gave a detailed debrief of the 2-1 Barclays Premier League defeat to Swansea in his post-match press conference. The full transcript, speaking to the world's media, is below...

That wasn't the start you expected, were you more disappointed with the performance than the result?
Of course, it is very disappointing for the players, the fans, for me, and the staff. That, you already know. When you have preparation time and you win everything and then you lose your first match, it cannot be worse, I believe. Also it is not good because we have built up a lot of confidence and then it shall be smashed down because of this result. But we have to know that it is only one game of many games. You shall not be the champion at this moment. You shall be the champion in May. That is what has happened today.

Have you seen enough up until now that, with this group of players, you couldn't be a champion or do you think...
[Responding to signing players] ...Yes, but that is not the question because I know that before this game. Also, with other players it is always a question of if we can play like a team and if we can reach the level [I demand]. Today, we didn't reach that level. Then you cannot play as a team as easily. We saw that today. In spite of that, we could have won. But when you don't play like a team, when you miss chances, then it is very difficult because every team shall create possibilities or chances against you.

Was this result a reminder to the supporters what a big job you have at this club?
I have said that in former press conferences because, with our wins in the United States and against Valencia at Old Trafford, the expectations are so high. That was something I saw in the first half. I saw a lot of players looking very nervous, making the wrong choices and that is a pity. But also these players have to forget that expectation because that is Manchester United. You have to cope with that pressure. That is also a process.

Do you feel you need new faces at the club?
Yes, but I have thought that before this match, so it is no different. When we were playing in the US, I thought the same. I know in what positions we need better players. But you have to buy only when the player can fulfil the way of playing that I ask. We have to wait and see. But we could have won today.

Ideally, how many players would you like to sign before the end of the transfer window?
No, I don't discuss that with

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