29/01/2014 19:26, Report by Nick Coppack

Video: Vote for Wythenshawe

Manchester United is backing local side Wythenshawe Amateurs FC in their bid to win a £100,000 grant from the Football Association.

The grassroots club boasts 28 teams across senior, junior and women’s competitions in Manchester, and has a history of producing promising local talent. However, these teams currently lack a clubhouse or changing rooms to call their own - hence the campaign to receive the vital FA funding on offer.

Watch the video above to learn more about Wythenshawe Amateurs' plight. They face stiff competition for the money from seven other amateur FCs in England but you can make the difference by casting your vote on a special 'Club Futures' app on Facebook.

Please log into Facebook first and then vote here for Wythenshawe Amateurs FC.


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