01/06/2014 09:58
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What MU means to Chicha

I remember at the presentation at Old Trafford I was just smiling. It felt like a great achievement because I knew how hard I had worked and knew what it meant to my family after all that hard work – for me and my family – it felt like a triumph.

I was immensely proud to sign for Manchester United because I had suffered a lot to be here. I took satisfaction that I’d showed patience, hard work and it paid off. That’s the way that I like to be on and off the pitch – to show all those qualities – because that’s the player and the person I want to be. All that stuff I learned from my family, so it was a proud moment.

It took some time to get used to the weather, the food and the type of training, everything that, naturally, was different from what I knew in Mexico. But in my head and in my heart I didn’t want that first year to be one where I just settled, I wanted to play for United and prove every year that I can be in the best shape, in the best form and fitness and show what a footballer and a person I can be.

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