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Fortune feeling positive

and to have that Dutch connection with the new manager is vital – you saw that relationship in the high-five celebration for his goal. But it's not all about Robin; we need that connection throughout the team to have a better chance of winning the league.

4. Ryan Giggs has the club in his blood. If I was Louis van Gaal I'd be picking Giggsy's brains because he's been here so many years, while Ryan couldn't have asked for a better manager to learn from. The players all respect Giggsy and if I was a player I'd ask him questions every day because of everything he has achieved. He's got to make the change from player to coach now. He won't be sat in the changing room. He's got to separate himself from that and it's not easy because he's been a player for 22 years. But Giggsy has a very strong mentality and will make that change quickly. He will want to learn as much as he can now because he could be the future manager of Manchester United.

5. Adnan Januzaj can be one of the top players in the game. He had an unbelievable start to life at United and now he's at his first World Cup, which will give him great experience. What he does next is down to him. He's a confident lad and everyone loves him at the club – he's the baby around the changing room but Giggsy and the rest of the guys will make sure he keeps his feet on the floor because they recognise the ability. He has to put his head down, work extremely hard and keep improving. Now it's the hard part: the second season is always tougher because people know what you can do but he can be a key player.

6. I can't wait for our first signing. Normally we do our business quietly and early. We're yet to sign anyone but behind closed doors I'm sure we'll be doing everything to

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