06/03/2014 08:00,

Kagawa: My football idol

Every footballer has an idol, someone who inspires or influences their career. Here, Shinji Kagawa talks about the player who has had the biggest impact on him: Andres Iniesta... 

There are a lot of players I admire, but Andres Iniesta has always been my idol. I really started to study his game when I turned professional at the age of 18. He has incredible technique and skill – he can dribble, pass the ball and score goals.

He has the ability to do an important job for the team for 90 minutes. I've watched him many times before and he produces great performances in almost every game he plays, not just for his club but for his country as well. Of course, it was his goal that won the World Cup for Spain in 2010 and he is capable of influencing those big games, which only the top players can do.

I admire everything about his game but the ability he has to turn on the ball, change his speed and his passing are the main things that stand out. I was lucky enough to play against him during one of our pre-season tour games in 2012 when we played Barcelona, and we swapped shirts at the end of the game. That was a very special moment for me. He is a great player and someone I always enjoy watching.

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