17/03/2014 09:41, Report by Nick Coppack

Mata blog: It's not easy

Each week, Juan Mata keeps Manchester United fans around the world up to date with his own personal blog. Here's an extract from this week's piece...

I’ll be very honest: on a day like this it’s not easy to write the blog. I even thought it would be better to keep quiet and not to write, for I know many fans are really upset now, and so are we. However, there is a commitment I made to update the blog every week. So far in these two seasons I haven’t failed to do it one single time, and I won’t fail in the future either. No matter how sad things may look.

The storm will pass and the sun will rise again. I have no doubt. Besides, no one said this would be easy, but this is football. It gives you fantastic moments but also very hard times you have to cope with, when you have to show pride and professionalism until the end. And when all this is gone I’m sure I will be a more mature footballer.

I have to say that our week at the training ground had been good and we were very hopeful ahead of this derby. However, on the day of the match everything went bad. It was a tough defeat and I want to tell you that we will give everything we have in order to forget about this in the remaining games. And there is a very important one around the corner. We know the history of this club and its achievements, based on a winning spirit. That is what we need to beat Olympiacos and get through in the Champions League. 

As you know, I cannot play in the Champions League anymore this season but I’ll be backing the team at Old Trafford as any other fan. If we score in the first few minutes I think we can make it with your help. 

There are no words to describe your support in the stadium. In games like yesterday it makes me mad not being able to give you what you deserve. I know there is nothing I can say right now, but at least I want you to know how I feel.

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