19/05/2014 15:32,

The Giggs story: Influence

Ryan Giggs' brilliance explained from five unique, insightful perspectives...

Gary Neville | Rio Ferdinand | Tony Strudwick | Phil Neville | Sam Johnstone

The story of a phenomenon - Influence, by Rio ferdinand

More than anything Ryan Giggs is a calming influence in the dressing room. He's not one to shout and bawl, but when he does speak up he gives good information and people take notice. In the dressing room, you will see him talking to players and passing on advice and instructions. If he sees something in training, he'll pull people aside and say, ‘you could be doing this to improve your game’. I think that's important.

He's a cool guy, he's not aloof at all. He's not the big-I-am. He's always there if you need to lean on him or ask for advice. He's been through every single situation that can be thrown at you as a player, so with someone of that experience you have to use that as a club and as players. That's what the players here at United as a whole have done.

You can't help but be in awe of what he has done in the game. When you look at how long he has played for Manchester United at the very highest level and you have to respect just how hard it is to do that physically and mentally. I know how hard it is to do that. If your body is not up to it then you're not going to do it. Genetically you have to be made the right way to play to that age, but you also have to work at things on and off the pitch to make it work. Yoga, and things like that, all help. Giggsy has adapted and improved throughout his career.


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