24/05/2014 09:03, Report by B Hibbs & M Singh

Video: Every Cantona goal

It's Eric Cantona's birthday this weekend (he turns 48 on Saturday 24 May) so we're celebrating by giving you the gift of every goal scored by Le Dieu.

Cantona was a scorer of all sorts of goals: important goals, headers, volleys, solo efforts, long-range strikes, lobs, penalties... Of course, his appeal stretched way beyond just the goals, although his record stands at an impressive 82 in 185 appearances for United.

In many ways Cantona was a complete goalscorer rather than a truly prolific one, and what better way to truly appreciate his varied scoring talents than to show every single Cantona goal in one video. Enjoy... and happy birthday, Eric!

This feature was first published as part of the '12 Days Of Cantona' series in December 2012, marking 20 years since Eric signed for United.

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