31/05/2014 09:18, Report by A Bostock. Video by S Bibby.

Video: Mata's 2013/14

High points may have been scarce for Manchester United during a difficult 2013/14 but for a number of individual players it was still a key campaign.

That was certainly the case for Juan Matawho started the season as a Chelsea employee - albeit one who wasn't seeing as much action as you might expect from the Blues' Player of the Year. Hence Jose Mourinho was able to sanction selling the Spaniard in the January transfer window, somehow deeming him slightly surplus to requirements.

Once Mata clicked in Manchester - and it barely took the blink of an eye - it seemed that Chelsea's loss would be very much United's gain, even if his creative influence wouldn't be sufficient in the short term to put the Reds in contention for trophies. Two Player of the Month awards (February and April) and six goals in his last six games of the season suggested Juan's team-mate Phil Jones was bang on the money when he said: "He's a terrific player and he will be a great asset to this club for many years to come."

Our video above shows some of the highlights of Mata's 2013/14 with United and starts - naturally - with his arrival by helicopter. Talk about a grand entrance.

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