16/12/2008 14:30, Report by Press Department

Reds won't appeal Evra ban

Despite considering it excessive, Manchester United will not appeal the suspension imposed on Patrice Evra by the Football Association, in order to avoid dragging the process out. 

A club spokesman said: “The club has reviewed the reasons for the decision and believes them to be flawed in many respects.  We retain the view that the suspension is extremely harsh, but appealing it would only prolong the process as we enter the second half of the season, when the focus of the whole squad needs to be on matches and not bureaucracy.

"Patrice accepts the suspension, but categorically denies hitting anyone. Since playing in the Premier League, he has enjoyed a good disciplinary record, having never been dismissed - something which the panel acknowledged.

"It is abundantly clear that no reference was made to previous sentences imposed for Improper Conduct and other charges, which in the club’s view is unfair and unduly harsh on the player, the club and its supporters.

"To serve a ban which is longer than one imposed for a career-threatening tackle or throwing an object into the crowd indicates that the disciplinary commission made a very poor decision.”


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