26/05/2008 07:01, Report by Gemma Thompson

Duo to manage Reserves

United will have two coaches to guide the Reds' young charges in the Reserves league next season with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Warren Joyce, who joins from Royal Antwerp, teaming up together.

Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed the pair will manage United's second string, as well as monitoring the progress of those youngsters farmed out on loan.

"The two of them will combine to manage the players out on loan and the coaching side of things with the Reserves," revealed Sir Alex.

"It's a difficult job to manage in Reserve football nowadays because you don't have a consistent squad of players - it changes every week.

"It's really a slight advancement of youth football in that very few teams play experienced players, it's all young lads that are involved. That's one of the reasons why we started loaning players out three or four years ago in numbers, rather than just one or two.

"Half a dozen go out on loan every season for us and we have to manage that.

"That can be tricky because the players are in different environments and at different levels when they're on loan which are not the Manchester United environment. But I'm confident Ole and Warren will do a good job."


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