18/12/2009 16:01, Report by M Nichols, G Thompson
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Evra greets draw

Patrice Evra gives us his view on the last 16 draw with Milan, and the prospect of playing against ex-Reds star David Beckham...

It’s not an easy draw because Milan have a lot of experience in the competition. We just need to remember what happened against them in 2007 and make sure we use that experience to win the tie.

I remember it was a very frustrating tie. We won 3-2 at home but we didn’t play very well. In the second game I was suspended and watched it on TV. It was very difficult to see my team lose 3-0 in that way, but after that game we had more experience and we won the Champions League the next year.

I am happy for David Beckham because he did a lot for United and I know he wanted to play again at Old Trafford. I will say 'welcome home' to him but I will make sure he doesn’t have an easy game! I like him because I have met him and he is a good person, a real gentleman. He’s a professional and that is why Milan wanted him. I like that type of player and he has one of the best right feet in the world. However, I will try to make sure he has a bad game!

I’m sure all his old team-mates who are still here are looking forward to welcoming him back, but I’m looking forward more to playing against Milan

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Familiar foes

United have faced Milan on several occasions in the European Cup and Champions League. Here's the history:

02/05/2007 - Away, lost 0-3 (SF, L2)
24/04/2007 - Home, won 3-2 (SF, L1)
08/03/2005 - Away, lost 0-1 (R2, L2)
23/02/2005 - Home, lost 0-1 (R2, L1)
15/05/1969 - Home, won 1-0 (SF, L2)
23/04/1969 - Away, lost 0-2 (SF, L1)
14/05/1958 - Away, lost 0-4 (SF, L2)
08/05/1958 - Home, won 2-1 (SF, L1)

SF = Semi final
R2 = Second round (last 16)
L1 / L2 = First leg, second leg


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