27/12/2009 18:56, Report by Steve Bartram

Rooney relieved by win

Wayne Rooney admitted that he was relieved and delighted in equal measure after United's hard-fought victory at Hull City.

Having given the Reds the lead, the striker then found Hull's Craig Fagan with an ill-advised back-pass; the first link in a chain of events which drew the hosts level on the hour mark.

Rooney channelled his ire positively, though, and teed up Andy Dawson's own goal and Dimitar Berbatov's late clincher, and he admitted post-match that he was delighted to have secured such quick redemption.

"Obviously when they got the equaliser it was a mistake by myself, but thankfully we got the win," he told Sky Sports. "I don't think the manager would've been too pleased if we hadn't at the end.

"It's the first time it's ever happened to me. It wasn't a nice feeling. I didn't want to let the lads down and at the time it looked like that. it was more what the manager would say, probably!"

Rooney conceded that victory was imperative for the champions after recent setbacks against Aston Villa and Fulham, and he was happy with the way Hull were picked off as the game swung from end to end at the KC Stadium.

"We knew it was a big game for us today," he admitted. "It was quite open. Hull committed a lot of men forward and it did leave us spaces to counter-attack when we got the opportunity. We counter-attacked with some good breaks and thankfully got two goals. As I said, I'm thankful we got the win in the end."


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