27/12/2009 19:09, Report by Steve Bartram
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Wes salutes stand-ins

Stadium, and Brown felt that the champions earned their victory.

"Hull made it tough for us with a good performance, but we did well in the end," he said. "It was difficult. They pressured us and made it very hard. Then they got back to 1-1 and it was up or down really.

"They had a good little spell, but we managed to nick another one and from then on I thought we were comfortable. In the first half they had some good shots, Tom made some good saves but all in all I thought it was a good game and we played well. We had to perform to win the game."

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Reds' resolve draws praise

"They've done well. I can't remember (a spate of injuries) like it. We've handled it pretty well, we've got a good squad. Hopefully soon we'll have Jonny (Evans), Gaz (Neville) and Rio (Ferdinand) back too and we'll be back to a full strength squad."

- Wes Brown


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