29/07/2009 08:16, Report by Nick Coppack in Munich

Sir Alex's sleepless nights

Most United fans will know only the basics about tonight's opponents. But Sir Alex Ferguson says he's well aware of the threat Boca Juniors pose to the Reds' pursuit of Audi Cup glory.

"We do our homework – don't worry about that," he told the media at a press conference in Munich on Tuesday.

"When you can't sleep on a Friday morning at 3am you can turn your television on and watch Boca. And I often don't sleep at that time, so I've watched them on many occasions!

"They’ve had some great players over the years. We played them a few years ago in a friendly at Old Trafford and it was a very difficult and competitive game. We expect the same here in Munich."

One man Sir Alex will no doubt instruct his players to keep a close eye on is Juan Roman Riquelme. A classy midfielder with deft touch, quick feet and incisive passing, the 31-year-old still has the necessary tools to unlock the toughest defences.

"Well, everyone knows about him," the United boss said. "He’s a fantastic talent – an individual, mind you – but capable of changing games. We watched him many times when he was at Villarreal. We thought he was an interesting player but he just passed us by."

United meet Boca Juniors in Munich's Allianz Arena on Wednesday 29 July at 17:30 BST.


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