20/06/2009 14:39, Report by Adam Bostock
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Ex-Reds' regrets over Tevez

Former United players Lou Macari and Clayton Blackmore have voiced their dismay at Carlos Tevez's departure - and the motives for his move.

Ex-midfielder Macari, now a respected pundit for MUTV, said on Saturday: "I'm disappointed that Carlos Tevez won't be playing at Manchester United next season.

"I think he would have been a regular in the team next season had he stayed. Ronaldo's going, so Tevez would be needed."

Reds legend Lou supports the efforts made by his former club to keep Carlos.

"I don't think United could have done any more," he said.

"Tevez was offered a five-year contract and five years is a long time to commit to any player, but I think that was in recognition of what he did last season, both when he started games and when he came on as a sub.

"He was a well-liked player at Old Trafford and it will be a big loss to everyone."

Although clearly an admirer of Tevez's playing talents, Lou seems less than convinced by the reasons given for his decision.

"One of those excuses we hear when a player moves on is, 'I want to play regular club football because I want to play for my national team.' But Carlos is still going to be a regular for Argentina even if he's only playing every so often for United.

"It's simple nowadays - if a player or his agent don't want him to sign for a certain club, then they don't sign. It's rather surprising because Carlos Tevez couldn't get a better club than Manchester United. But I think we're in a day and age when the size and stature of a club isn't the main reason why a player signs or doesn't sign.

"It's advisors, it's money, it's all the wrong reasons. Carlos Tevez has been fantastic for United but he and his agent have decided to move on, and

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