"I think marriage helps footballers, I really do. I'd always been an advocate of footballers being married and settled down. You know where they are. It's good for the stability of a footballer, to be married."

- Sir Alex Ferguson
30/09/2009 07:30, Report by Steve Bartram

Video: Jonny on the spot

He's quite unflappable on the field, but Jonny Evans was put in an awkward situation in front of the world's media on Tuesday.

Moments after Sir Alex Ferguson had finished extolling the virtues of marriage ("it's good for a footballer's stability"), the Northern Ireland international was asked if he had any imminent plans to take the plunge into matrimony.

"I don't really want to talk about that," Evans sheepishly grinned at the assembled media. "Especially because my girlfriend's sat in the middle of you all - she's on a placement at ITV this week!"

Sir Alex opted not to deflect any attention away from his young charge; instead offering some helpful advice to Jonny's beau.

The Scot bellowed to the floor: "Get him tied down, dear. Rings are cheap now!"


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