28/12/2010 22:30, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Boss left feeling Blue

“The first half was a non-event. The ball was in the air a lot and that’s how Birmingham set their stall out. It’s a difficult place to come to. They got stuck right into us. They’re at the bottom of the league so you expect that. It’s a tough place to come to. It’s a tight ground, a lively pitch. You see the result they’ve had over the years. They make it difficult for you.”

But despite his obvious disappointment on the night, he remains positive going into 2011. “We’ve a chance [of winning the title],” he added. “At this moment, there are five or six teams contesting that area. I always say if you’re in the front position in the New Year then at Manchester United you have a big chance.”

Sir Alex was speaking to Sky Sports. He also spoke to MUTV - an interview you can now watch on MUTV Online.

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