27/02/2010 07:29, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Gibson seeking Wembley double

Darron Gibson, a Carling Cup winner last season, sat down with ahead of this year's Wembley showpiece against Aston Villa...

How much are you looking forward to Sunday’s final and what kind of game are you expecting?
It’s going to be a very tough match for us because Aston Villa are playing very well at the moment. We’re all really looking forward to it - I think it’ll be a good cup final and hopefully we can win it.

After starting last season’s final, you must be hoping for another chance this time round…
I always hope to be involved. I’m not sure what the team will be, but hopefully I’ll be involved at some stage of the game.

If you are involved, how much will the experience of playing at Wembley in the final last year help?
It’ll be a big help. Last season’s final was probably the biggest game of my career and there was a lot of pressure on, but having played there last year I don’t think I’ll be as nervous this time. Last year was a great experience and hopefully that will help me if I’m involved on Sunday.

You must have been pleased to get a full game under your belt against West Ham having only made a couple of substitute appearances in the last few weeks…
Yes I was very pleased to get a run-out especially as I haven’t played too much recently. It’s always nice to get a start and playing alongside Paul Scholes was great. He’s been in really good form recently and you learn so much from him. It’s great to play alongside all the midfielders, but Scholesy has got so much experience and you pick up so many little things from him.

Is there an extra determination to win on Sunday as it would be the first time in the club’s history that United have retained a cup?
Everyone wants to win trophies and the Carling Cup has become a better competition in the last few years. The lads are all in good spirits and raring to go, and if we play well I think we’ll win.

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