27/11/2010 12:13, Report by Gemma Thompson

Scholes backs campaign

The players are always quick to help promote the good causes of the Manchester United Foundation, but their work for charity doesn’t stop there. Sir Alex and the team support issues close to their hearts, and Paul Scholes met local youngsters recently to talk to them about the effects of asthma and how he has dealt with the condition during his career.

The 36-year-old chatted to pupils from Altrincham Grammar School for Boys who tragically lost one of their classmates Robert Anderson last year after the 15-year-old suffered a fatal asthma attack whilst playing football.

The boys have since helped raise nearly £7,000 for Asthma UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign with whom Robert’s father, Roger, has been working closely with in a bid to raise awareness about the importance of recognising symptoms of asthma and allergies and responding effectively to them, with particular focus on junior football.

Roger has also spoken to the Football Association about including a new training module on asthma and allergies in the FA’s first aid courses to help educate managers and coaches about their affects and how best to create a safe environment for sufferers, something which Scholes is fully supportive of.

“I’ve never felt like my asthma is something that has stopped me progressing, but I’ve been lucky because I’ve always had support from the club,” explained Paul.

“The work that’s being done to try and raise awareness about the effects of asthma and allergies, particularly at grass roots level is fantastic and will go a long way to helping a lot of people who suffer.”


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