"Every game looks like it's his first game for him. He's so excited, so enthusiastic - he wants to win so much."
- Javier Hernandez

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02/11/2011 11:38, Report by A Marshall & N Coppack

Chicha's respect for boss

Javier Hernandez thinks Sir Alex never gets tired of winning as his enthusiasm for the game is keeping him motoring into his 26th year as United manager.

The Mexico international admits such longevity is unheard of in his homeland and he has nothing but admiration for the boss - who started his Old Trafford tenure before Chicharito was born.

"He's completely different," explained Hernandez to Inside United. "You can't compare him to anybody else. What's impressed me most about him, and this is something I noticed from the first day I met him, is that he's a very simple person.

"You can talk about all the things he's won and all the years he's been in charge but you wouldn't know it if you watched him on the bench. Every game looks like it's his first game for him. He's so excited, so enthusiastic - he wants to win so much. That is key: he will never get bored of winning and he enjoys what he does.

"He's also a really nice man. Every day he'll ask me how I'm feeling, whether I'm okay, whether I need anything. He's just an unbelievable person and he doesn't treat you differently whether you're on the pitch or off the pitch. He recognises that first you are a human being and then you are a football player. He knows that if you're doing okay in your personal life then you'll be okay in your profession."

When asked if there was any kind of equivalent to Sir Alex in Mexico, Chicharito replied: "No, no.  Sometimes a manager is only in charge for two games before they get fired! It's a very different culture. It would be a miracle in Mexico if somebody stayed in the job for 25 years!"

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