29/10/2011 22:30, Report by Adam Marshall

Sir Alex's faith in squad

Sir Alex remains relaxed in the wake of the derby defeat to City and won't be rushing into the transfer market.

As expected, the manager is retaining faith in his squad after the championship triumph last term and blistering form at the start of the season.

Speaking ahead of the win at Everton, he rejected the suggestion that a reinforcement was needed in midfield.

"I think it's a good squad," he asserted. "We had a bad experience last week but it's not a bad team.

"Everyone builds their own in team in their own image, but we build ours in a different way to other clubs. We always play with wide players, for instance, and that's where we are.

"We know where we're going. We've always reviewed the situation quite well and we've bought well here. In the future, we hope we buy well again or a young player emerges, you never know."

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