"We're in a better position than Manchester City. We could come out with two results, whereas they have to win. Although you know this club's attitude - we'll be trying to win."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

26/04/2012 14:20, Report by Adam Marshall & Nick Coppack
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United going for victory

Sir Alex Ferguson has pledged that Manchester United will be going for victory in Monday's derby - even though a draw will also be a fabulous result in the context of the title race.

The manager wants his players to make amends for conceding a 4-2 lead against Everton last weekend and putting the Old Trafford spectators through the mill. With so much experience in his line-up, he's backing the Reds to take a major step towards a 20th title.

"I suppose when the fixture came out at the beginning of the season, all the roads pointed to this game," said the boss. "It was inevitable, maybe. But we are where we are and it doesn't matter what's happened before, who's dropped points or who hasn't dropped points. It really is all down to this game. It will be a fantastic atmosphere and I hope it lives up to the billing. I don't know how many countries are going to be watching it but it will be considerable. Hopefully it's a very good game.

"We're smarting from throwing that game away last week. In the context of our history, we almost expected it. We tend to make it hard for ourselves. Our supporters have been subjected to that sort of drama for years and years. God knows what their nerves are like now but, hopefully, we'll make amends on Monday."

Roberto Mancini's attempts to claim United are firmly in the driving seat and his City side only have a small chance of glory do not wash with the vastly-experienced Reds manager.

"Roberto wants to take the pressure off his own players," Sir Alex insisted. "That's possible but it doesn't matter. It won't affect our approach our attitude to the game.

"We know the exact situation we're in. We're in a better position than Manchester City. We could come out with two results, whereas they only have one. Although you know my attitude and this club's attitude - we'll be trying to win.

"I think there's enough experience. Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, even Wayne Rooney has amassed a lot of football in his short time in the game. Michael Carrick as well. There's enough experience in the camp to cope with this situation.

"I think the previous encounters this season are irrelevant. We've already met three times but the past is the past. It

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