27/04/2012 18:50, Report by Adam Marshall

Tough calls for Sir Alex

Sir Alex Ferguson admits he still finds it difficult to leave top players out of big games.

Matches at domestic level do not come much bigger than the title showdown with Manchester City on Monday night and despite managing United in plenty of end-of-season deciders and cup finals in the past, it never gets easier for the boss to break the bad news to those who don't make the side.

In his exclusive interview with MUTV's Countdown to Kick Off on Friday evening, Sir Alex delivered a positive update on the team news front, which, in some respects, will cause him a couple of major headaches.

"Everyone is fit," he asserted. "Apart from Paul Pogba, who is out for the season.

"I think all the players would love to play so it makes it very difficult because I've got to leave players out of the whole squad. I can only pick 11 players and seven substitutes so obviously I've got to leave three or four players on the sidelines who would love to play in this particular game.

"It's always hard for me. It doesn't matter how much experience [I've got] or how long I've been in the game. Having to leave good players out of big games is torturous. It really is."

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