19/12/2012 15:00, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Reds remain calm

"It is hard to explain, but the never-say-die attitude is ingrained in this club," he says. "It comes from the players, who believe, and opposition teams, who fear it. The club has such a history of it you almost expect it to happen.

"We have a great bunch of players with a great attitude - we will always fight right to the very end. The history of the club definitely plays a part. There is a psychological factor of going into the last 10 minutes of games and if we are drawing the opposition know United will throw everything at them.

"They withdraw because they realise what is coming and they find themselves on the edge of their own box. We are very patient, we get the ball wide and try to create chances. It is not route one, it is always with a purpose. We always seem to create chances and long may it continue."

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