29/12/2012 09:13, Report by Adam Marshall
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Boss: Window will be quiet

"So we won’t be dashing around in a panic. Of course, as always, we will be on the lookout for young players of potential who we can develop.

"We have always done that and it’s the main reason why we never have to buy out of desperation. We always work for the future as well as trying our best to produce winning teams for the present. Clearly serious injuries can upset your plans and force you to go out for a replacement but, by and large, I think we are well covered to cope with the normal absence of players."

Sir Alex also provided an insight into his thinking with regards to the size of his squad and coping with any absentees. 

"I always work on a 10 per cent injury rate so that, on average, I expect that out of a group of 20 players we will be missing a couple," he added. 

"It gets tricky if you are hit by more in the same department. It was quite worrying for instance when we had so many defenders out of action earlier in the season, and I think it showed in one or two results."

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Gossip galore

"It’s been open season to link us with a stack of players, admittedly some very good ones, but it just isn’t going to happen. You can never say never in football because you don’t know who might become available but, speaking generally, I am not looking to do any serious transfer business in January."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

The manager was writing exclusively in his programme column for United Review, available every home game for £3.


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