28/12/2012 10:09, Report by Adam Marshall
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Giggs criticism baffling

"Some managers shove linesmen onto the pitch and make a joke of it but I'm not making a joke of this. It was a serious decision and I think the [Jonny Evans own] goal should have been disallowed, I really do.

"I shouted him over and he came towards me. I wasn't on the pitch for more than three or four yards and I think it's been overplayed. Anyway, the problem for me and Manchester United is the profile of the club is huge. 

"Alan Pardew came out and criticised me yet he is the worst at haranguing referees. His whole staff were at it the whole game on Wednesday. He shoves a linesman and makes a joke of it and yet he's got the cheek to criticise me. It's unbelievable and he forgets the help I gave him.

"Anyway, the press made a field day out of it and addressed every possible angle. The only one they left out is [speaking to] Barack Obama! The unfortunate caveat is I'm at the biggest club in the world not Newcastle, a wee club in the North East. I was demonstrative but not out of order. The press had a field day, it's as simple as that."

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