26/12/2012 19:17, Report by Adam Bostock
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Boss commends United 'courage'

decisions against us in the first half and sometimes that can demoralise a team. But the players didn't give in and that's a great quality to have. I'm pleased that we came back three times after going down three times and then scoring the winner.

"Chicharito deservedly got the winner, his movement and courage were unbelievable. He and van Persie were absolutely phenomenal, I thought."

The late winner means United are now guaranteed to be top not only at the end of the next game against West Brom - on Saturday, the eve of Sir Alex's 71st birthday - but also when the Wigan away match is concluded on New Year's Day.

"It's a really significant result for us. It puts in a good position. As I always say of December, it's a month that tells you everything," added the boss. "And when we come to the end of the Wigan game on 1 January, we'll still be top of the league."

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