11/02/2012 11:29, Report by Nick Coppack
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United v Liverpool: Quotes

Fixtures against Liverpool are always big occasions and Saturday's match at Old Trafford was no exception.

Throughout the day we rounded up the best quotes from both sides of the fence and presented them here.

The most recent comments appear first.


Kenny Dalglish: "David De Gea made a good save right at the end but overall I think you would say United were the better side."

Rio Ferdinand: "Jonny Evans was fantastic today. A lot of the stuff that's said about Jonny is way off the mark. He's appreciated by all the players in the squad."

Rio Ferdinand: "We controlled the game. It was almost like a walk in the park at times."

Rio Ferdinand: "Things could have been put to bed a little easier had the [pre-match] handshake been done. After seeing what I saw, I decided not to shake [Suarez's] hand... I lost all respect for the guy after that... The result was the most important thing, though."

Sir Alex: "Oh, crikey me. I think my heart’s still out there! It was nervy in the sense that you’re playing Liverpool, they’ve come back from 2-0 down to 2-1, and you know football: anything can happen. You only need a second to lose a goal or score a goal so that was a worrying period, but we got through it."

Wayne Rooney: "I feel I’ve played well against Liverpool in the past but maybe not got the goals. Today I got the two goals and I’m thankful we got the three points."

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