"I can see especially Ryan, perhaps Paul depending on whether his joints allow him to do it, but I can see Giggsy playing well past 40 just because of the natural fitness of the lad."

- Bryan Robson, speaking courtesy of the Tour 2012 - delivered by DHL

03/07/2012 10:22, Report by Adam Marshall
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Giggs can play into 40s

Tom Cleverley, who is United's other representative in Stuart Pearce's Olympic squad, will also be looking to prove he is in good form ahead of the new campaign.

"For me, this is a big season for Tom Cleverley," admitted Robson. "He did have a lot of injuries last season but this year has to be the year where he rallies and proves himself to be a Manchester United player. So it is going to be a big year for Tom."

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