13/07/2012 09:05, Report by Nick Coppack
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Shinji's warm welcome

Gary Neville believes Shinji Kagawa will feel at home almost immediately in the Manchester United dressing room.

Neville, who retired in 2011 following 19 successful seasons at Old Trafford, says the nature of the club is such that the Japanese midfielder will have no trouble settling in.

“The manager’s philosophy has always been to get deals done early and get the new players on tour so they can see what the dressing room is like and settle in,” Neville told

“You can guarantee that by the end of the tour they’ll feel like they’ve been a Manchester United player for a long time.

“You hear stories about other clubs where new players don’t feel particularly welcome. I can say with confidence that the manager and the players at United would never let that happen. Everybody’s made to feel very welcome straight away.”

Kagawa will jet out to South Africa with his new team-mates on Monday for a pre-season tour taking in six games in five countries. It’s an experience, Neville says, that will prove invaluable for the former Borussia Dortmund midfielder.

“Pre-season’s great for integrating new signings into the set-up. For those two or three weeks you’re living in each other’s pockets, you don’t see your friends or family... your team-mates are all you’ve got. It’s a great way to introduce new players to the club.

“As for the transition into the English game, I think it should be easy for him. He’s played at Dortmund, a very professional football club and one of the biggest in Germany. He won’t have any trouble adjusting to the English game.

“I’m really excited about watching him play and seeing how he fits in with the other talented players in this squad. He’s

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