"The football bit is enjoyable. When you've been off seven or eight weeks, to come back and be playing football again is nice. Obviously it's tough on the lungs and the legs but we'll be back in the swing of things in a fortnight or so."

- Paul Scholes, MUTV

13/07/2012 09:59, Report by Adam Marshall
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Delay vexes Scholes

Paul Scholes admits he will be itching to get the season underway come 20 August.

The Reds will have to wait until Monday night to kick off the 2012/13 campaign due to the difficult trip to Everton being rearranged for live television coverage.

With the other 18 Barclays Premier League teams in action over the weekend, the midfield veteran will be champing at the bit - even if he appreciates there is plenty of pre-season fitness work to be done before then.

"It's happened in the past sometimes," Scholes told MUTV. "Everton away is a big game and it's one TV will want to televise live. It's just the way it is. It's a bit frustrating as you want to get going as fast as you can with a Saturday game and get some points under your belt. But we'll have to wait until Monday night and hopefully we can win the game."

Scholes confesses it is hard work getting fitness levels up to scratch in readiness for another assault on the title but feels the matches on the DHL tour will be very beneficial.

"We've only been doing two or three days so we're still a way off being ready for a game," he added. "Hopefully, in the next 10 days, we'll be ready and raring to go. It is difficult. Ask any footballer: it's the most difficult part of the season where you're mainly running with a little bit of football here and there. It's vital and we all know what we need coming up to a new season.

"I wouldn't say I look forward to it but I know it's something we've got to do and, in two or three weeks, we'll feel the benefit from it.

"The football bit is enjoyable. When you've been off seven or eight weeks now, to come back and

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