14/03/2012 08:34, Report by Adam Marshall
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Young fancies chances

"Bilbao were an impressive team," he admitted. "We found that out last week. We had watched videos of them and seen how they played. I am sure if we are on our game 100 percent, we can go there and get the win we need.

"I am sure with the two goals we got and the different chances we created, we showed that we can score more. Our focus has not changed from the start of the season. Every competition that we enter, we want to win. We are in the Europa League to win it. That is what we will be looking to do."

Young was speaking to, PA Sport and BBC Radio Manchester.

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Young and fearless

"Our attacking play has been fantastic and we believe we can score the two goals we need. Everybody has been chipping in with the goals of late. Whoever scores the goals, as long as we get two, that is all that matters."

- Ashley Young


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