22/11/2012 16:34, Report by Gemma Thompson
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United in praise

It’s really not something you can put into words, what Sir Alex Ferguson has done for the club. Not just that, it's the success he's had, the way he’s played, bringing through young players and the performance levels over that time – everything has been right."
- Gary Neville

"I don’t remember anybody else being at the top, top level for such a long time. It's a fantastic thing – you can’t even describe the achievement unless you know what it means. I myself am in this job and I know what it means. His commitment is always there, you never feel that his commitment is weakened. His demanding attitude towards his team is never weakened, his passion for the game has never weakened and that is something you have to admire. What I admire maybe the most in him is his forward-thinking. He is always ready to move with the times and never speaks about what he has done before. It is a job where you need to dedicate your life to football and Ferguson has done that and that deserves massive respect."
- Arsene Wenger

"He’s been brilliant for every single player that’s worked for him. There is such a hunger and desire about him that really drives his players on – he knows how to keep you motivated, it’s something that he’s managed to do for over 20 years and I’m sure he’ll carry on doing it for the next few years as well. A couple of times [I’ve had the hairdryer treatment], but not often. He’s a scary man isn’t he?! When you’re younger he’s someone you always try and avoid. If you can hear him you just hide somewhere out the way. But as you get a bit older you get used to it and you get a sense of what kind of mood he’s in when you see him, so you how far to take him."
- Paul Scholes

"He’s unique, especially in the modern day. If you go back many years then you will find somebody like him, but, [it’s amazing] in the modern day at the highest level, where it is really difficult to survive in our job. He’s

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