23/11/2012 09:58, Report by B Hibbs & G Thompson
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Sir Alex: Three in the race

teams. Jose Mourinho won the Treble at Inter; Rafa took over and they won the world title without having to do anything. He had nothing to do with the construction of the teams – that’s why I really feel disappointment for Roberto – he could have an FA Cup, Champions League and Club World Cup on his CV. It’s a pity for him."

That said, Sir Alex is hopeful that a new arrival in the Chelsea hot-seat bodes well as they welcome title rivals Manchester City to Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

"Benitez has been trying to get a job for a long time," he added. "I hope he is lucky on Sunday too! It happens time and time again when a new manager comes in they win their first few games. We’ve seen it before, it’s a strange thing how it happens. Sometimes you wonder if it encourages chairmen at football clubs to make changes because they think if we get a new manager we’ll win the next two or three games. History tells you that but you never know."

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