02/11/2012 22:30, Report by Adam Marshall

Boss plots best form of attack

"I think he’s had different types of injuries," said the boss. "He had an ankle injury when we were assessing him, but I think last season he proved that he’s over that kind of thing [lots of injuries]. Hopefully it’s not a problem for me.

"We’ve had a lot of players that have settled quickly. Dwight Yorke was unbelievable in his first season. It’s not easy I suppose coming to a club like ours and expecting them all to settle right away. Some take time but, in the main, we’ve been quite lucky - particularly in recent years because there is a far more consistent thread to the club than there was, say, 25 years ago."

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Attacking armoury

"I’m trying to think of all sorts of ways I can utilise the three of them together and Danny Welbeck of course. It’s difficult to work out how to utilise three of them – we did it at Newcastle but we won’t be able to do in every game."

- Sir Alex Ferguson