"After the experience of last season, we’re showing that we’re paying more attention to team selection in the sense that we’ve used a big proportion of experienced players."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

06/11/2012 11:54, Report by James Tuck
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Sir Alex eyes top spot

"Braga attacked us straight from the kick-off and got a throw-in right away, right on the edge of the box. Maybe that created a bit of anxiety among the players, making them think, 'Oh no, we can’t afford to lose an early goal here.' But we did, we lost two early goals and  Braga weren't in a hurry at 2-0 up. Against our diamond, it was easy for them to get the ball out to the wide positions and control the game that way.

"We actually played some good stuff and we made some good chances. There were some really good bits of football. But we had to get in at half-time and still be in the game. So I put Tom Cleverley a wee bit to the right and Wayne Rooney to the left, and we got the goal.

"In the second half we had to kill off Braga's width so they couldn't get out. Nani came on on the right and Rooney played on the left so we were blocking off their avenues and forcing them to play through the middle of the pitch. We really did play really well in the second half. In general it was a good attacking performance and we played some really good football in the game."

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