26/10/2012 09:44, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Boss enjoys striker poser

“It’s an amazing record but it’ll change, sometime - hopefully on Sunday. Last season we were actually very unlucky. In the main I don’t think we’ve played badly. The games that we’ve lost, not last year, but in the years before that, we actually played well in only to get bad decisions against us.

“Last season we did really well to rescue it after being 3-0 down. I think we scored three goals in about eight minutes or something like that. We should have won it really. We were the better team in the first half yet we were 3-0 down just after half-time.

“It was amazing. Apart from last season if you look at the last six or seven seasons before that it was always us and Chelsea vying for the title so that gives you an idea of how we’ll approach this game on Sunday – it’s going to be hard one.”

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