22/10/2012 13:49, Report by Adam Marshall
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Rio, Evra out of Braga

"As the manager of a club you lay down policy and you don’t want to see it ignored. That’s where my anger came from on Saturday. But we've resolved the situation, there's no lingering problems and we move on. That's the end of the matter.

Sir Alex was also keen to stress that leaving out Ferdinand and Evra does not mean he is taking Braga lightly.

"We've kept players back from the Stoke game to play against Braga," he explained. "So we're not under-estimating Braga.

"Braga, to my mind, are better away from home. They showed that by beating Galatasaray. Turkey's not an easy place to go and they managed a 2-0 victory. Counter-attacking will rear its head."

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